Hey there I’m Elliott Davidson, an aspiring growth hacker and I want to join your startup

Why I Want To Be A Growth Hacker For Your Startup


I’m an entrepreneur at heart and after bouncing around different roles in digital marketing and design & development for the last 4 years I didn’t really find my true calling.

I enjoyed all of these roles but I couldn’t see myself working on a single marketing channel for the rest of my life.

I wanted more but didn’t know what…

It wasn’t until I came across Josh Fletcher & Sujan Patel that I found out about growth hacking and became truly addicted. This was only a few weeks ago, I haven’t slept much since then, I take action quickly!

Growth hacking is what I’ve been looking for all this time, I just didn’t know it existed.

It requires me to pull on all of the knowledge I’ve learnt to date and then problem solve.

Something I wasn't previously utilising was my ability to look at problems and find a unique solution to stand out and maximise growth (i.e. this promotion to secure me a growth hacking job).

I know I still have a lot to learn but I'm excited and can't wait to gain more knowledge.

If I'm going to do anything and put my name to it I want it to be the best. This is why I want to make a name for myself in this industry.

It might not be for some time but I can promise you that I will be a top growth hacker in the future whether it’s you that gives me this opportunity or one of your competitors.

The question that remains is do you want new undiscovered talent in your startup? If so get in touch with me and we can talk.

How I Can Help Your Startup

My approach to everything in life is different, even more so when it comes to marketing. I’ll look at a problem and try and think outside the box, if necessary I’ll completely destroy the box.

To start off with we’ll just talk, this way we can get a good understanding and see if we can work well together.

Once we have agreed to work together I’ll get to know your business inside out. At this point, I hope to know more than you about your own business, if thats even possible. I’ll analyse what you have done to date and ask about your aspirations for the future.

Next, I’ll put together a plan of action (of course it’ll be different to anything you’ve done before) and the strategies we’ll use to growth hack your business to success.

At this point, we’ll review everything we’ve done and look to see how we can do things better, to get the results you ultimately want. From here we'll test, come up with new strategies and start the cycle all over again.

Do You Want To Grow Your Startup?

Don’t let your competition pip you to the post.